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Saurabh Sagar

Online stock and share trading

 Hello! Traders need your professional advice. Usually intraday traders change their strategy to middle term trading. I decided to open an account a long time ago, my strategy was based on middle term investments, but now I find day trading more perspective. I understand that it will be difficult to trade intraday, so please advise me where to start, what the effective day trading strategies are, and what the most convenient software for stock market trading is.

  • Ganesh Siddhi
    To start I would say that you need to pay a lot of attention to the stock exchange if you want to start to trade intraday. On one hand, this is an advantage - continuous monitoring of news, quotes movements. The need to always "feel the pulse" of the stock exchange, helps to strictly control risks and close positions at the first sign of a trend change. But, at the same time, day trading - is a serious tension, a job that requires the presence of continual attention and trader. People who go into day trading should be aware that the ability to trade effectively in the session, it's not a talent from God. The main thing to turn out the skills to be able to use the software for day trading - for years to bring themselves to automaticity, then online stock trading will bring your cash rewards.

    Another point that should definitely consider a day trader - commissions. Since day trading involves a large number of transactions in the day, then the brokerage fee can be quite significant, and the costs for inexperienced traders will "eat" a lot of profit. For the beginning the best strategies for intraday trading are those who have less trade. In such stock and share trading strategy trader is in a position not seconds, as a scalper, but up to several hours. The most important thing in intraday trading - not only the ability to use technical analysis and to be able to find a point of entry and exit, but psychological readiness for this kind of work. The style of online stock trading, despite its advantages and possible significant profit potential, is to refuse, if the trader is not ready for heavy loads, doesn’t mean if he has experience on the market or no.

    As said in the interview one of the most successful day traders: "For me trading is love, till it chits on me or leaves me I will not give up on trading». I understand that the stock exchange - it's a daily work, doing the same thing, but you have the result. The hardest thing in trading - is not open an account and begin to engage in day trading, but gain flexibility, which is never not enough.

    I hope that my trading advice on shares and securities will help you somehow. Good luck!